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  • Fikri Hakim

    Fikri Hakim

  • Gustavo Lopes

    Gustavo Lopes

    Entusiasta de tecnologia e desenvolvimento de software. Arquiteto de Sistemas, especialista em desenvolvimento Web / Mobile.

  • Antonio Pérez Caballero

    Antonio Pérez Caballero

    Always running fast for to be at the same place

  • Donald Raab

    Donald Raab

    Java Champion. Creator of the Eclipse Collections OSS Java library (http://www.eclipse.org/collections/). Inspired by Smalltalk. Opinions are my own.

  • Deyaa Muhammad

    Deyaa Muhammad

    Mechanical Engineer, Pentester. Don't follow me I don't know where I'm going ..

  • Suresh Sridhara Murthy

    Suresh Sridhara Murthy

    Software Engineer | Backend Engineering | Passionate about Architecture, Design, and Development of Software Systems

  • Neha Sardana

    Neha Sardana

    Software Developer.. Traveller..Yogi

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